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Are you looking for wise and independent support for you or your family?

We help UHNW individuals and families make the most of their opportunities and responsibilities through individual development, family communications, succession planning, impact philanthropy and experiential learning.  Longbow NXG is the premier advisor for your human capital.


Best described as independent, confidential and trusted advisors with no other agenda than helping you and your family achieve your goals.

 ‘Spending time with you has such a major impact on how Tom he is thinking about his next steps – thank you’

‘Compelling, inspiring and promising – this will undoubtedly be a turning point, perhaps the turning point, for the family – we could never have come this far without you’

Whether you’re seeking advice on art collecting, impact investing, reputation management, recruitment, property management, digital and other security or any other questions, our advisors provide independent introductions for you to make knowledgeable decisions and choices.

Exceptional inheritance calls for special kind of education, just as young children need to learn the basic skills of reading and writing, those with privilege need to develop the skills to help them balance responsibilities, challenges and opportunities that are coming their way

‘I had a fabulous time… it was so lovely to be with such a caring, generous and warm hearted group of people.  That feeling of connection and community which normally takes so long to build up was fast tracked over those few days;  I feel I have left with such a support network’

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