‘What no-one can inherit is a meaningful life. We must all create that for ourselves. Our wealth is a great resource for creating meaning, but wealth itself does not deliver meaning or purpose’

Thayer Willis, Clinical psychotherapist, Fortune 500 heiress and Longbow Board Advisor

Longbow works with individuals and families to help them manage the responsibilities and opportunities of significant wealth by equipping them with the skills, confidence and self-knowledge to lead lives of strength, purpose, fulfillment, integrity and freedom.

We understand that financial wealth is often such a mixed blessing. In some cases it can be empowering, leading to balance, satisfaction and gratitude. But conversely it can rob individuals of the ability to create and take responsibility for their own lives.

We have seen members of the next generation both succeed and struggle. We understand the joys that success can bring as well as the frustrations and disappointments when things do not go as well as we would like. We help families and their trusted advisors build for success and avoid the pitfalls of wealth.

Our personal and discreet services are carefully tailored to the needs of each client and include:

For the individual

• One to one personal coaching
• Mentoring
• Networking
• A range of assessments to identify areas of strengths and potential development

‘I cannot think of another individual that has had such a profound impact on my life. You have allowed me to become who I want to be and to be truly happy’

‘as I embark on my adventure I want to thank you for all your guidance. I know I would not be the person I am or have the opportunities I do without it.’

For the family

• Workshops/group programmes on a range of themes including:
• Communication and emotional intelligence
• Preparing heirs for successful inheritance
• Leadership and decision making
• Effective philanthropy

‘I left truly thrilled and enhanced by the Longbow experience. I truly believe life will now be different in its outworking as a consequence’

‘compelling, inspiring and promising… this will undoubtedly be a turning point, perhaps even the turning point’