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Our bespoke programmes are tailored around your specific objectives – so whatever you require, we can design a programme to meet your needs.  Below are just a couple of examples of our previously held programmes.  Call us now to discuss how we can help 0203 853 0238

Overseas volunteering opportunity

Stepping into the unknown can be disorienting.  It can challenge one’s values, sense of self and the ability to adapt.  Longbow Overseas Learning programmes allow individuals to get out of their day to day lives and familiar routines and open their minds to different perspectives, new possibilities and growth.  Programmes include opportunities to test skills and talents, hone leadership and communication skills,  test their character and maturity and develop networks

‘It’s amazing out here – gonna stay an extra week for the farming programme.  Thank you for opening up a whole new world to me’

Preparing for integration into the family business

This programme focuses on the key skills required to live one’s own authentic life within the boundaries and opportunities of the family business.

‘I feel so much more confident now – thank you the experience and  your time, understanding and general wisdom’

International business culture & entrepreneurism

Awareness and understanding of different cultures is critical in the global economy,  this programmes provides practical knowledge and insightful approaches to multinational and cross cultural businesses to help you thrive in the international business environment.

‘It’s given me the confidence I need and I definitely learnt a lot, so thank you!!!’

To create your own programme, please call Kedge Martin on 0203 853 0238 or email