From Values to Mandates to Blessings

Thayer Willis Dec 16 We all live with mandates, both external and internal. The internal mandates are better known as values. Many of us felt compelled to vote for certain candidates in the November election. For most of us, this [...]

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Empty nesters

Thayer Willis, Feb 2013 Am I Too Late? We just became empty nesters. We dropped off our youngest at college and in doing so created a milestone in the life of any family. Predictably, a certain reflection sets in. How [...]

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Why Family Wealth is a curse

Guest post by Thayer Willis, first published in Forbes.  March 2013. The Forbes 2013 World Billionaires List goes live next week and that will have many folks living vicariously. If you’re one of them, you may find yourself wishing that [...]

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The Alphabet of Britain’s Security Services

Hakluyt's Christopher James has seen the alphabet of Britain's security services – first printed in Spears Magazine, 24th February 2015 by Christopher Silvester. With a career spent in the SAS, MI6 and the FCO, before founding business intelligence firm Hakluyt, [...]

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The Challenges of Wealth

All Parents worry about the next generation but for high net worth families there is an extra set of issues which surround succession, how their children deal with significant wealth and the responsibilities that come with it. Many families spend [...]

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