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W family – Two Day programme

The W family wanted to start having open discussions and lay foundations in the key skills required prior to taking on responsibilities within the family.  They had identified communications, basic knowledge of finance and philanthropy as priority areas.  An active and engaging two-day programme including group discussions and games was developed with topics spanning individual values – focusing on what matters most to each member of the family; a review of each member of the family’s interests and strengths; exploring how and where each member of the family might like to participate in the family business longer term; personal self-awareness and understanding different personalities and perspectives within the group using individual psychometric assessments; awareness around social media, cyber security and reputation management and building financial knowledge and the impact of wealth both emotionally and practically.

The programme took place over a weekend at an independent private family house away from all distractions.

“A real page turner; we’re all now heading in the right direction.”

Twenty-two year old Oxford graduate soon to join the family Firm. – Six month programme

Although Katie had been through the most privileged education system in the UK and Switzerland, she had very low self-esteem and lacked self-confidence.  On graduating, she was expected to join the family business which was making her extremely anxious.   A programme of regular one to one meetings, email and telephone support with a Longbow mentor and other professionals to help her develop specific skills and knowledge helped develop her self-awareness and  self-confidence; networking with other next gen in similar situations helped reduce her isolation; and workshops on topics relevant to her industry where she could learn in her own space without the vulnerability of being the family business environment.  Prior to joining the company, she also spent one month volunteering on a conservation programme in Africa where she began to explore her wealth from a different perspective, learnt humility, respect for others, gratitude and confidence in her ability to stand on her own two feet.

“Words cannot be written to explain how grateful we are to you for helping K become the person she is today.”

Two Cousins – One week programme

The aim of this programme was to understand their individual strengths and capabilities and clarity their next steps.   A week long programme was designed covering a range of situations and challenges including a day at the Royal Military Academy (Sandhurst) to learn about different styles of leadership; high level networking to help build confidence and overcome fears; presentation training,  stress management including the basics of neuroscience all underpinned with regular sessions with a Longbow mentor.    The week provided the space for both of them to really think about what they wanted to do at this next stage of their life and to develop a clear action plan to achieve this.

‘as I embark on my adventure I want to thank you for all your guidance.  I know I would not be the person I am or have the opportunities I do without it.’